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Introducing Relation Select, where business is personal

Introducing Relation Select, where business is personal

At Relation business has always been personal because we believe in building teams and investing in relationships. We carry this core value throughout everything we do, from how we support our staff to how we service our customers.

We are proud to expand that same level of commitment to “Main Street” focused businesses through the formation of Relation Select. 


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What is Relation Select? 

Relation Select will support small commercial and personal lines customers through partnerships with existing local agents, primarily on the east coast. Providing local agencies with access to various insurance solutions and support, as well as the ability to leverage our broad range of products

This will help agents invest further in their relationships with current clients. While also provide better pricing to their customers while retaining the flexibility and nimbleness of a small local agent invested in his/her community. 

A growing interest in the Relation Select Family. 

Since news broke about Relation’s interest to partner with existing independent agencies in local markets, we have received numerous calls from agents looking to explore the opportunity. 

The first to officially join the family is Michael Glick, of Glick Insurance Group. Glick Insurance Group provides insurance solutions across 20 different locations in North Carolina. Glick may be the first, but many former Nationwide exclusive agents are either already in discussions to merge forces with Relation or in the beginning stages of the talks. 


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What makes Relation Select so enticing? 

Local independent agents have a lot of opportunities when looking to partner with a larger firm. For the agents interested in Relation, the reason is not just the ability to scale. It’s our people. 

From the top-down, our entire team is invested in supporting businesses looking to grow. To us, our agents are family. Joe Tatum, the CEO, has personally flown to sit at agents, like Michael Glick’s, dinner table to spend time getting to know each other and their family. 


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Connect with Tim Hall

Are you interested in exploring an opportunity to grow with Relation Select? Email Tim Hall, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Relation, to discuss joining the Select Family. 


Email Tim Hall, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Relation, to discuss joining the Select Family.