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Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Hurricane Preparedness Guide

Each year, hurricane season presents a significant risk to homeowners. Not limited to coastal areas, hurricanes are dangerous and can cause major property damage due to storm surge, wind damage and flooding. Download these helpful Hurricane Preparedness Resources.

  1. Hurricane Assessment Checklist
  2. Hurricane Before the Storm Checklist
  3. Hurricane During the Storm Checklist
  4. Hurricane After the Storm Checklist
  5. Hurricane Recovery Checklist

Download Hurricane Preparedness Resources

Follow these eight tips can increase your readiness in the event of a hurricane.

Plan your evacuation.

Plan how you will leave and where you will go. Designate someone as the emergency contact in case of separation from others.

Print important items.

Print copies of emergency phone numbers, insurance cards and IDs, placing them in a secure, waterproof container.

Protect your vehicle.

Keep your vehicle away from trees and other potentially damaging items, such as utility poles.

Get emergency supplies.

Prepare a supply of nonperishable food, bottled water, medicine, flashlights and, if needed, pet supplies. Additionally, make sure to fill your gas tank and refill prescriptions.

Keep your cellphone charged.

If a hurricane is in the forecast, have your phone ready and purchase backup charging devices to power electronics.

Detail your possessions.

Create a list of your belongings, including photos and videos where possible. Review your homeowners policy with an insurance expert to ensure you have adequate coverage for key items.

Follow evacuation orders.

Obey all emergency orders from local authorities. Seek safety at your local emergency shelter.

Stay out of floodwater.

Don’t swim, walk or drive in stormwater.Stay away from fallen power lines.

Call one of Insurance experts today to make sure your Hurricane Preparation is adequate. It can help keep you safe and reduce stress, especially during a hurricane.