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When 15 Minutes Just Won’t Do

When 15 Minutes Just Won’t Do

The Client

Our clients are a husband and wife, both busy executives, residing in North Carolina. They own property in Connecticut and New Jersey. Their two children are away at college, outside of North Carolina.

The Challenge

Due to having multiple residences, they had numerous policies with agents in different states. As a result, they were overwhelmed with paperwork and each policy had different effective dates, making it complicated to track expiring coverage, payments due and any claims that occurred. Being so busy, they hadn’t had the time to follow up and take advantage of the multiple policy discounts that were available to them.

The Solution and Results

The first thing we did was to jointly evaluate their plans, assessing their needs against their current coverage. What immediately became clear is that they needed help streamlining the day to day task of administration of their plans. More importantly, they had significant gaps in coverage that needed to be addressed. We uncovered that the properties in Connecticut and New Jersey were not listed under their personal liability policy, resulting in the family having gaps in their insurance program should the unthinkable happen.

By delivering solutions they hadn’t even considered, we were able to protect the things they’ve worked so hard for. Since they are frequent international travelers, we made sure to add worldwide coverage resulting in improved coverage for the family. We also added inland marine and coverage for the fine jewelry in the household. Through our partnership with a national insurance company, we were able to write all of their policies with one insurance carrier, creating cost-efficiencies and streamlining the paperwork they had to deal with.

As a result, they obtained better coverage, better protection, more discounts and ultimately, a better price. When it comes to personal insurance protection, do-it-yourself isn’t always the right thing to do.