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Ascension Insurance, Inc. Launches Food Drive Campaign


Walnut Creek, Calif., 01 July 2016 – As part of 70th anniversary year celebrations for its business unit Pan American Insurance Agency, Ascension Insurance, Inc. kicked off a food and volunteer drive campaign today, to help communities throughout California.

The campaign, named Bringing Hope To The Table, will run until October 1st and is part of a larger company-wide year-long effort to support Feeding America. During that time, Pan American teams, in conjunction with corporate partners, will engage in a friendly competition to help people in their neighborhoods and everyday lives by donating food products and cash and volunteering in local food banks that are part of the Feeding America network. Every team member will work towards a minimum of 70 donation points which can be achieved through hours volunteered, or food and cash donated. Competing teams will be comprised of offices from the 5 regions Pan American serves: Southern California/Arizona, the Central Coast, Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Central Valley.

“We’ve had the privilege of working with outstanding agricultural, construction and general industry clients over the course of our 70 year history, and could not have come this far without their support,” said Pan American President Steve Martin. “Investing in our community’s health and well-being to hopefully make a big difference in someone’s life is our small way of celebrating our good fortune, and saying thank you, by giving back to the communities we all serve.”

“Giving back is a large part of the culture at Ascension,” said Ascension CEO, Joe Tatum. “Every year, we select a charity for our employees to donate to, and this year, we’re excited to partner with Feeding America. The Bringing Hope To The Table builds on that effort and takes it to the next level. That the Pan American team chose to create this campaign to commemorate their special anniversary, is indicative of their spirit and generosity. I couldn’t be more proud of them.”

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