Program Design, Negotiation and Placement.

Program Design, Negotiation and Placement.

Strategic Planning:
With risk-identification and analysis information in hand, we then begin the insurance-placement process with a strategic planning session where we:

  • Discuss potential risk-treatment techniques that may include a blend of avoidance, retention, and/or risk transfer either through insurance or contract
  • Review the scope and structure of existing insurance programs to help ensure coverage, retentions/deductible, and limits are appropriate, and decide if any adjustments should be made
  • Evaluate the state of the insurance marketplace and determine whether to market competitively or to renew with existing carriers

Program Marketing:
Carrier selection: The insurance market is dynamic, and we devote tremendous time and energy to stay current on insurer capabilities and underwriting appetites. Our understanding of the markets, coupled with our significant premium volume, puts us in a position of strength to carefully match you with suitable insurers and use our negotiating leverage.

Underwriting submission: Before approaching the market(s), we invest time to ensure we create a quality submission that accurately represents your operations, exposures, risks, loss-prevention activities, and our renewal expectations of the markets, including coverages, structure options, and pricing.

Negotiation: We work with underwriters to push for the most advantageous options for you. We avoid surprises and work to keep you apprised of our negotiation progress.

Renewal Presentation: We prepare detailed comparisons of coverage terms and conditions, program financial factors (e.g., premiums, retentions, deductible, limits, etc.) and, if appropriate, alternative program structures. We review advantages and disadvantages of each alternative and make recommendations.

Placement and Ongoing Monitoring: Once we implement the program, we continue to monitor its performance throughout the year, assess how well it works, and make modifications if necessary.