While your people depend on you. You can depend on us. This is why we focus on one thing.

The decision-makers who are passionate about protecting their organization’s welfare and their colleagues’ well-being. And at the center of this, is a sense of trust, and our commitment to provide our partners’ the collective resources needed to realize their ambitions.

This is how we build businesses. By investing in our relationships.

We look for the right fit, for partners who share our expertise and entrepreneurial mindset. It helps create mutually beneficial relationships.  This is why our network is growing so fast.

It’s not just the products. It’s our culture.

At Relation, we have a culture of trust that supports everything we do and promotes an experience that’s unique in our industry. It gives our acquisition partners the freedom to invest themselves in client relationships and create change within our firm.

Our culture of trust allows us to be locally focused and decentralized while providing the collective resources clients need to realize their ambitions.

It’s the foundation of relationships that last, which is why we have low turnover and loyal clients – which is also how 100-year old companies become 100-year old companies.

We reach our goals together.

We strategize for the long term and are there to see it through. We listen and make people feel cared for, which are the right things to continue doing.

At Relation, business is personal. Because, we are more than just a company — we are a culture of trust.

Are you ready to learn more about building your business and investing in your relationships? Email Tim Hall, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Relation, to discuss joining the Select Family.

Email Tim Hall, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for Relation, to discuss joining the Select Family.


Insurance brokers have an appetite for mergers and acquisitions (M&A)1. Of those who are business owners, almost half have contemplated M&A to boost their bottom lines, broaden their portfolios or geography, and strengthen their competitiveness. One-third of insurance brokerage owners with annual revenue of more than $5 million plan to explore the sale of their businesses in the next five years. 

Belvedere Pacific Insurance Services, a well-respected and thriving San Francisco Bay Area employee benefits consulting and insurance brokerage firm was acquired by Relation in 2015. It was founded in 2008 by Michael Stallone, an industry veteran with more than three decades of experience delivering outstanding employee-benefits and client relationships. 


The Partnership Was a Good Fit for Both Sides

As Michael considered M&A, he knew what he wanted in a partner—a place to call home where he could access in-house resources he’d previously had to outsource. Of all the potential partners he investigated, he believed joining Relation would be the best fit and would allow him to offer better service at competitive rates to his valued clients2. Additionally, he wanted to be part of an organization where he could not only grow his business but also have a direct impact on the growth and direction of the company’s employee benefits practice.

Michael was an exceptional fit for Relation’s President of Employee Benefits, Keri Lopez, who was looking to expand the employee benefits team with seasoned brokers. Stallone promised to bring innovative ways for Relation to reduce costs, complexity, and the administrative burden to the table.


“They prioritized my goals and interests, and I could tell they were there for my benefit just as much as for their own.”

Michael Stallone


Early on, the Partnership Yielded Great Results

Upon joining Relation, Michael immediately added value through his wealth of experience with technology outsourcing for large, sophisticated clients and was able to step in as a senior advisor for several of Relation’s more substantial client relationships. 


“Michael has brought additional capabilities to Relation that have added a huge amount of value for our clients.”

Keri Lopez


Two Cultures Aligned

From the earliest conversations, Relation and Belvedere Pacific both expressed the need for a culture fit. Finding alignment can be an obstacle during mergers and acquisitions3. That wasn’t the case with Relation. Michael believed that, at the end of the day, all things being equal on the economics, technology, and available in-house resources of a potential transaction, it was the people at Relation and the culture they created that made it a destination of choice for him as an acquisition partner.


“From the leadership team, through every level of management, to the client service roles, the people who make up this company are in a league of their own. Insurance doesn’t have to be where fun goes to die. No amount of new technology or updated processes can make up for not having great people. We have fun at Relation–people truly enjoy providing great service to our clients, and it’s a good place to be.”

Michael Stallone


Four Years Later, The Partnership Has Been a Win-Win

Partnering with Relation allowed Michael to service more clients faster than ever with in-house marketing, employee, and compliance resources. Backed by Relation, he’s continued to adapt to the rapidly evolving employee benefits environment and has more than doubled the size of his book, placing him regularly on the company’s leaderboard for sales.


“They showed they were willing to invest the resources and provide the support necessary to help me grow my business. Joining the Relation team has allowed Belvedere Pacific to continue offering the same great service to our valued clients, in addition to having the in-house resources to analyze and respond to the rapidly evolving employee benefits environment—especially when it comes to complex areas such as healthcare reform and compliance.”

Michael Stallone


Michael has also become an invaluable resource to Relation by helping solve one of the industry’s biggest challenges—talent training and retention4.  He has paid his success forward by mentoring up-and-coming employee-benefits producers, several of whom themselves are now top producers at Relation.

To learn more about becoming a Relation acquisition partner, visit our M&A page. If you’re searching for the resources to help your business grow, a rewarding culture, being part of an increasingly recognized team, and a chance to influence a business being built to thrive for 100+ years from the ground up, let’s chat. 


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