Pan American

Our Roots in Agribusiness Run Deep

We’ve been a leading agribusiness insurance broker in California and Arizona for more than 70 years. From the beginning, we’ve built long-term relationships with clients—growers, harvesters, processors, packers, shippers, distributors, retailers, and virtually every type of vendor or supplier that touches the agriculture industry—“from seed to table.”

Our Capabilities and Expertise are Wide

You need a broker who understands the nuances of your business. Today, our industry knowledge expands far beyond agribusiness:

  • Construction
  • Nonprofits
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Senior Living
  • Social Services
  • Technology
  • Transportation


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Get the Right Team on Your Side

Every day, we come to work ready to roll up our sleeves and provide legendary service to our clients.
We have a seasoned in-house team that includes crop-insurance consultants, farm labor contractor (FLC) licensing specialists, loss-control engineers, claims advocates, data analysts, retirement advisors, 401(k) specialists, wellness and employee-communications specialists, and experienced client-service advisors.

About Pan American

Pan American knows what it takes to do business in the west—it’s been a leading agribusiness insurance broker in California since 1946—and brings in-house loss-control and claims-management, employee benefits, and workers’ compensation capabilities to the practice group.

Ready to Get Started?

We know there are a barrage of challenges, issues, and tasks vying for your attention. And no matter what industry you’re in, risk is an inescapable constant. We’ve helped thousands of small to medium-sized businesses connect the dots with tailored, responsive, and cost-effective solutions. Let’s have a conversation to see how our team can go to work for you.


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California Wine Growers May Be Able to Make Crop Insurance Claims: All Growers with Slightest Possibility of Damage Should Call Their Brokers

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Clearing the Air: Employers Get Guidance on Marijuana in the Workplace During Seminar | Local News | covers our seminar on the ever-changing laws on marijuana in the workplace.

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