The Technology Sector Is Different

The Technology Sector Is Different

Speed of product expansion and evolution, as well as international locations and relationships, makes tech exciting. Headquartered near the heart of Silicon Valley, we work closely with tech companies all over the country to offer stability to enable experimentation and adaptation in this ever-evolving industry. Our consultants are experienced and innovative and offer custom, agile insurance that can help you mitigate any uncertainties. Whether your company gets bigger or smaller, invents something new, or improves upon what you have, we provide responsive strategies along a broad funding spectrum.

We offer tailored risk-management solutions to meet your specific needs, including the following:

  • Production issues (e.g., foreign-manufacturing-product quality or delivery issues)
  • Sabotage and/or cyber security breaches
  • Research risks and breaches (e.g., damage to testing environments)
  • Business interruption and revenue loss
  • Transportation delays
  • Governmental requirements or restrictions

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