STAW 2017 Celebratory Events

STAW Is About Our Service Team

We want you, our Service Team members, to know just how important you are to Ascension. Your work ethic and legendary customer service is invaluable to the success of our company. Service Team Appreciation Week (STAW) is a week in September dedicated to displaying Ascension’s gratitude to the Service Team.

Please refer to the sidebar information to identify in which event your office is participating.

If your region is hosting a company-sponsored event (such as a dinner or luncheon) that requires an RSVP, please use the form below. Your response will be directed to your event organizer.

Note from Human Resources:

Participation in your STAW celebratory event is completely voluntary. If you are a non-exempt employee who elects to participate and is permitted early departure, you will have your hours adjusted to reflect your regularly scheduled hours for the day(s) of the event, and any time spent at the event that is outside normal/regularly scheduled business hours will be unpaid. If you elect not to participate in the celebration, you will be expected to work your normal work hours. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email

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