The Long-term Impact of Athlete-Centered Care

  How do you want to be remembered? I worked with a football coach that often repeated this to his team, and find it an interesting question for athletic trainers and anyone involved in helping provide healthcare to consider. At Relation, we care about helping our clients lead safer and healthier lives—that’s at the core … Continued

Is There a “Right” Model of Care for Athletics Programs?

  When I was a kid, I would work on assembling scale model kits for cars, airplanes, tanks and naval ships. My friends shared the same hobby, and while their models all looked similar but with individual variations, my completed models never looked as good. Why was that—how could that be? The model kit was … Continued

Three Claims Data Points to Help Optimize Your Cultural Exchange Insurance Plan

    Health insurance claims data can provide a wealth of knowledge—if you know where to look. Whether you review your program’s claims activity monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually, the process can allow you to see how the year is progressing and year-over-year performance. Think of it as an insurance plan barometer, helping identify any trouble areas … Continued

Building New Connections to Help Keep Cultural Exchange Participants Protected

  Hi, I’m Jesper Tejsen Lykke, the new Vice President, Global Markets for Relation’s Education Solutions practice group. I’ve been working in the international travel industry for more than 30 years and have always been passionate about the educational and cultural value of cultural exchange. I am delighted that my path has brought me to … Continued

Your Emergency Action Plan and The Medical Timeout

As the new fall sports season arrives, you’re no doubt reviewing and walking through your emergency action plan, a practice that is essential for preparedness and management. At many schools, reviews of procedures and practices are conducted on an annual basis prior to the start of the season, but planning and practicing your emergency plan … Continued

Questions to Ask During an Intercollegiate Athletics Insurance Program Review

When reviewing an intercollegiate athletics insurance program, there are many elements to consider. Based on the NCAA’s Effective Practices for Managing Student-Athlete Insurance (2018), here are some questions to think about as you evaluate your program’s policies. Administration Do you have a formal risk management team? Who are your risk management representatives? Do you have … Continued

A Few Words of Advice for New Athletic Trainers

I attended a UCLA medical school graduation a couple weeks ago and the ceremony made me recall the beginning of my own athletic training career. I can remember the day I received the envelope with the news that I had passed my Board of Certification exam. (That was the old days—it arrived by snail mail … Continued

Reducing Risk in Intercollegiate Athletic Programs through a Safety-Centered Culture

All intercollegiate athletics programs come with inherent risk that may result in a range of injuries or even death, despite the safety precautions in place. To create the safest possible environment, participants in an athletic program—administrators, coaches, healthcare providers, and student-athletes—must have a shared philosophy that the health, safety, and welfare of the student-athletes takes … Continued


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