Exciting News!

  There’s an exciting change happening at Relation Insurance Services, today. After 11 years, Parthenon Capital Partners and Century Equity Partners will be transferring ownership of Relation to Aquiline Capital Partners, effective March 31, 2019. You can access the press release here. For some time now, we’ve been evaluating a host of strategic options for our company. This … Continued

The True Key to Success is Culture

  Our President, Ed Page, wrote a great piece about what makes Relation a special place to work. It was featured in American Management Association‘s quarterly publication (on page 32)! To check out the entire issue, click here.

Reducing Risk in Intercollegiate Athletic Programs through a Safety-Centered Culture

  All intercollegiate athletics programs come with inherent risk that may result in a range of injuries or even death, despite the safety precautions in place. To create the safest possible environment, participants in an athletic program—administrators, coaches, healthcare providers, and student-athletes—must have a shared philosophy that the health, safety, and welfare of the student-athletes … Continued

Introducing Andy Massey, Relation’s Athletics Risk Consultant

  Hi, I’m Andy, Relation’s athletics risk consultant. They say that experience is a great teacher. Thirty-four years as an athletic trainer, and seven additional years of athletic training education as a high school student, undergraduate student, and graduate assistant have taught me a lot about athletics and shaped the style of care and the administrative … Continued

Your College’s Health Claims Report Arrived—Now What?

4 ways to understand and optimize your student health insurance plan Claims data can provide a wealth of knowledge—if you know where to look. To start, be sure to keep your eye on these four data points that can help identify costly problems or student trends that need addressing. Determine whether atypical large claims are … Continued

Turn Change into Opportunity

An annual review of your insurance coverage may be the time to make changes in coverage, endorsements, or carriers. Any time you make changes in the way your business runs, you can also change your exposure to risks. As your organizational needs evolve over time, it’s a good business practice to consider whether there are other … Continued

You Bulk Up Your Benefits Program to Attract & Retain Talent: Here Are 4 Ways to Maximize Your ROI

Cultivating talent and retaining employees can be a challenge for every employer. Wages across all disciplines are increasing, which results in competitive new job offers and a difficulty for employers to staff and retain top talent (unless they can regularly dish out significant raises company-wide). Most employers compensate for their potential wage discrepancy by offering … Continued

Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan for Retirement Savers

  When considering deductible retirement plans, many business owners and CPAs only think about 401(k) and Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans. But there’s another option on the table they should be considering — defined benefit/cash balance retirement plans. Why? The most an employer can contribute to a 401(k) or SEP is the lesser of 25% of … Continued

Our Storm Team is Here for You During Hurricane Florence

Dear Clients, With Hurricane Florence gaining in strength and intensity and due to hit the East Coast in a matter of hours, we urge all of you to make sure you have a plan in place and are prepared for the worst-case scenario, even if you or your business are in an inland county. Your … Continued

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